Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019

Important things About Purifiers Nobody Wil Tell You

Important things About Purifiers Nobody Wil Tell You

Are you planning to have a water purifier for your home or office? What type of purifier you are going to have? Have you paid attention to any specific thing over other things? Come on, there are myriad of options out there that you can consider.

It would be good if you talk to experts like Aquaguard customer care before you take any decision.  When you talk to people dealing in the same field, you get to know about what you can expect and so on.  You would agree that being an important resource for all life, access to pure and clean water is essential. The information of what type of filter or purifier to use can make sure health and longevity. This sis the reason, it is vital to pick the right system of purifiers and filters based on the source of the drinking water.    Following are a few good tips for you to buy your next water purifier.

What is your water source?

 The significance of knowing this is for judging the TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) there in the water. In case you live in the city, there is a great chance that your water source would be the municipality. Such kind of water is generally harvested from rivers, rain and lakes or similar ‘soft’ water sources. But in the times when water is drawn from an underground water source, or even drawn from bore wells, or supplied directly from Tankers, it inclines to be ‘hard’ water. Hard water might encompass fluoride, arsenic or even other heavy metals.

In case your water source is hard, then you might need to pick an RO water purifier. However, if you find pollution in the hard water, then it makes total sense to invest in an advanced UV water purifier.  For soft water, it’s sensible to buy a UV water purifier.

Kinds of water purifiers

Water purifiers are broadly divided into 2 kinds:

  • Electric water purifiers are the ones wherein the technology used in is UV, UF, RO or a mixture of these.
  • Non-electric purifiers are the ones that have the technology used that is some gravity based filtration or a common kind of UF.

Ultra-filtration UF

The tech is based on a non-chemical way of purifying water by making use of a semi-permeable membrane. A tiny pressure is formed to differentiate suspended atoms and solute, without the requirement for electricity. These types of water purifiers are wonderful for areas that have unpredictable supply of electricity.

(Ultraviolet) UV

It is an effective method for disinfecting bacteria from water. It rays target harmful pathogens in water and demolish them. Sterilizing your water with Ultraviolet light is easy, effective and environmentally safe. However, UV light never works to remove contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals and even VOC’s.

Reverse Osmosis RO

Important things About Purifiers Nobody Wil Tell You

It is based on same Osmosis technology that you might have learned in school. Osmosis refers to flow of water molecules from a greater solution concentration region to a lower concentration area via a semi permeable membrane. It moves water molecules from a lower area to a higher area. It works by making use of pressure of water to push it across a crust. During this procedure impurities and dissolved solids are left behind on membrane.


So, enough of learning, go ahead and buy one now!